Denise desires to create images that strive to reach a state of purity by taking the elements of design, form and color, back to the basics.   She aspires to access a feeling of freedom and wholeness on a primary level.

Driven to understand color and space Denise was influenced by Matisse, Vuillard, Hans Hoffman and Bonnard during her graduate work.  Her work slowly developed by creating large still life's of colorful and patterned fabrics in her studio mimicking the above artists ideas. The compositions then teetered between abstraction and realism with no central focus.  She wanted to viewer to hover long enough to allow the image to slowly reveal itself.  
Denise has slowly moved to create pure abstraction.  Some strive to see familiar images other sit with the unrecognizable.  

Denise was born in Iran (prior to the Revolution) and grew up abroad, living three to five years each in Iran, Egypt, Norway, Scotland, and England.  They used each new country as the base from which to take further exploratory travels.  When she was 17 her family returned permanently to this country.  
Denise graduated from Southern Methodist University, in Dallas, Texas, in 2003 earning a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Painting.  In order to further develop her ability to understand the language and impact of the arts, she felt she needed a professional community where ideas, techniques and issues of the art world are shared.  Denise chose the University of New Hampshire because it is known for providing a strong constitution in painting and drawing and is open to the traditional as well as contemporary thinking while individual development of expression and expertise are fine-tuned.  She received her Masters in Fine Arts Painting in May of 2008.  She now resides in Denver, CO and encourages others in developing Self connection and intentional living utilizing the process of art. 

Relaxed with Attitude
Oil on Board, 2008

Framed by Existence
Oil on Canvas, 2007

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